footcare フットケア―

40分 2000円 交通費、施設料別(pay traffic)税込み(一部のゆる旅会で施設料なしの場合があります。)



It is a course that stimulates the zone called the reflective zone of the sole, promotes the vision of the body, aims at improving the constitution to a healthy body. Especially listening frequently to tiredness of the trip, there is no worry such as returning rash after every day doing.

trip relax course 旅行 リラックスコースゆる旅コース限定

bodycare and footcare ボデイケアとフットケア―


Those who have stayed over the course of 25,000 yen or staying on the ground for the duration of the next day also continue to offer travel courses for one person up to 80 minutes up to 3 hours or until the last train for 20 minutes 500 yen will be offered. Any person can do it within hours. Would you like to join the course at your travel destination with freedom of course combination? Meanwhile, planning consultation for the next day is also available. However, please note that it may not be accepted depending on local hotel circumstances. It is also possible to decide on the site